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 Stone walls, concrete or brick patios, tiles, paths, wooden decks, and wooden arbors would all be considered hardscapes. Its a good idea to have a theme for your yard before you begin. The possibilities are endless with elements of hardscapes. This is your chance to create the perfect space and the yard of your dreams. Be sure to plan for what will be needed to put your items in place; some may require heavy equipment. All irrigation or other underground items need to be completed before you can add walkways, walls, paths or other elements like them. You can place items after you have added these elements, but it will be a lot easier and less expensive to do it beforehand. Try to have all electrical work finished ahead of time also. The smaller hardscape elements can be added at any time you desire, but the bigger ones require a plan. Slade Landscaping can assist you with the many possibilities with their state of the art design program that clearly shows the finished product before any  work is ever done.  Call us today for your very own consultation. 

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